Our range of STUDIO FURNITURE has grown since the late 1980's when we introduced our legendary OPEN REEL TAPE DECK CONSOLE. Our own range of equipment is unlike all of our competitors offering similar "bits for studio's". For a start its all made in Britain to our exacting standards on modern computer controlled machines and finished with a tough coating of black powder coated paint. All of the materials used are tougher and thicker than our competitors, particularly those arriving from the Far East and our prices are not bad either!

All prices exclude VAT.


Variable Rack
  • High grade steel welded construction, heavy duty castors
  • Everything supplied flat pack including a 20 piece rack mounting screw and cage nut kit
  • If used for an Open Reel Tape Deck then everything supplied for a variety of models (please specify your model)

This is our original product designed to accept a variety of open reel tape decks BUT you can use it for any 19" rack mounting equipment in the 12U top variable angle section and another 8U in the fixed lower section plus you can store amplifiers on the rear flat equipment tray. Its strong open structure means equipment is easily accessed and removed. If you still want to mount an open reel tape deck in it then you can! But now we are finding more people use it for other equipment such as mixers - you can even fit in more than 12U in the top section as the ends are removable. (Dimensions: Console 455mm x 531mm 12u)

Complete equipment console supplied flat packed £120.00
Extra equipment tray £14.43
Extra 20 piece rack mounting screw/nut kit £2.97


  • High grade steel welded construction with wooden top
  • Available as a fixed static rack or on heavy duty castors as an option

This strongly constructed built static rack with up to 16U of front storage space and is supplied with a wooden panel top for placing other equipment on top such as computer, mixer or portastudio. Fixed feet are adjustable for levelling on uneven surfaces and there are options for castors and a tray for placing amplifiers on etc. (Dimensions: 800 x 567 x 460mm)

Complete equipment rack supplied flat packed with 20 piece mounting kit £135.32
Optional set of heavy duty castors £6.80
Optional equipment tray for base £14.43


  • High grade sheet steel panels
  • Modules may be wall or table mounting
  • Modules may be bolted together to form 24U or 32U units

Strong sheet metal panel sides and top bolt together for either a free standing unit or using rear fixing holes the unit may be wall mounted. Using other holes units may be bolted together to form 24U or 32U free standing units. This unit is also compatible with the 12U Angled Rack Mounting Module to form a 24U or 32U rack with the top section angled. The module is supplied with a 20 piece rack mounting screw and cage nut kit plus one 2U blanking plate. (Dimensions: 483 x 552 x 550mm)

Rack Mounting Module supplied flat packed with 20 piece mounting kit £51.02

Same specification as the "square" 12U Rack Mounting Module but with angled front. may be used in conjunction with the 12U "square" module when bolted together.
(Dimensions: 483 x 508 x 333mm)


  • High grade steel welded construction
  • Adjustable to fit your mixer both for width 1570 to 875 mm and depth 455 to 780 mm

This unique product is adjustable in both width and length for different sizes of audio mixers or other equipment. It has the flexibility of accepting a "table top" board (not supplied) which enables smaller pieces of equipment to be placed on top. Options include fitting of heavy duty castors and and 8U rack mounting section (either on right or left side) for mounting power suppliers or amplifier etc.
(Dimensions: 875-1570max x 725 x 455-780max mm)

Universal Mixer Desk/Equipment Stand supplied flat packed £126.81
Optional 8U rack mounting section £31.40
Optional set of four heavy duty castors £6.80

2U Steel powder coated panel £6.76
1U Steel powder coated panel £5.49

Ideal for non rack mounting equipment. Made from tough formed steel. Tray is 2U high but items higher may be placed upon the shelf.
(Dimensions: 300mm deep x 2u high)
(Dimensions: 875-1570max x 725 x 455-780max mm)

Rack Mounting Shelf £16.98



ADAPTABLE BOXES for AUDIO, VIDEO, P.A. applications WALL BOX or STAGE BOX or PROJECT BOX FLUSH or SURFACE or RACK MOUNTING MODULAR - Over 16 variations of panels STRONG - Made from pressed steel UP TO 80 SOCKETS PER BOX!
PRICES from £31.00 all EX-STOCK
(Dimensions: 483 x 508 x 333mm)

All bases include end brackets for flush or surface mounting. The same brackets are used to give extra protection to the completed box when used as a stage box and to rack mount two boxes in a 19" rack.

2U BASE - Maximum capacity: 1 plate £28.00
3U BASE - Maximum capacity 2 plates £30.00
4U BASE - Maximum capacity 3 plates £33.00
5U BASE - Maximum capacity 4 plates £36.00
BLA...Blank Panel £6.00
NEU...Punched for 8 x Neutrik, JACK, SPEAKON £6.60
JAC...Punched for 10 x 1/4" plastic JACK £6.50
BNC...Punched for 10 x BNC type sockets £6.50
PHO...Punched for 24 x PHONO type sockets £6.50
DIN...Punched for 12 x DIN type sockets £6.60
XLRMA...Loaded with 8 x Neutrik XLR male sockets £24.75
XLRFE...Loaded with 8 x Neutrik XLR female sockets £26.50
NEUJC...Loaded with 8 x Neutrik stereo JACK £35.00
NEUSP...Loaded with 8 x Neutrik SPEAKON sockets £6.50
PHO...Punched for 24 x PHONO type sockets £25.00
JACST...Loaded with 10 x 1/4" plastic stereo JACK £12.00
BNCST...Loaded with 10 x BNC sockets £22.00
PHOST...Loaded with 24 x Phono sockets £15.00
DINST...Loaded with 12 x 5-pin DIN sockets (MIDI) £13.00

MIXED SOCKETS - Neutrik Panels Only

On the XLR/Neutrik JACKS/Neutrik SPEAKON a mix of each socket is available. To obtain price divide total panel price by 8 to get price of each socket and then multiply by the number of each socket required. Write on order exact quantities of each type of socket required on each panel.

RACK BRACKET for 19" rack mounting one box
CABLE GLAND - metal, for cable diameters 10mm to 18mm £10.50
CABLE GLAND - nylon, for cable diameters 10mm to 13mm £3.00
FEET for stage box, set of four £2.00
All Prices exclude VAT
TSProfessional Audio Visual has had many years experience of installing and using wall box systems. After searching the marketplace for the appropriate box it was obvious that nothing existed to give adequate strength, presentation and ultimate flexibility.
So we developed BUILD YOUR OWN BOX.
By selecting a BASE to suit the task in hand plus an allowance for future expansion you can get ultimate flexibility by loading the BASE with appropriate PANELS available as blank, punched or loaded with sockets.
BUILD YOUR OWN BOX can be used for:
  • WALL BOXES for recording studios
  • WALL BOXES for in-house or Club P.A.distribution systems
  • RACK MOUNTED BOXES for recording studios
  • RACK MOUNTED BOXES for in-house mobile or static systems
  • STAGE BOXES for temporary P.A. or recording applications


Each BASE is supplied complete with END BRACKETS which can be used for:

  • Extra protection and for surface mounting of wall boxes
  • Extra protection for stage boxes
  • RAssistance in flush mounting of wall boxes
  • 19" rack mounting of two boxes
  • 19" rack mounting of one box with optional 1/2 rack bracket

Terms of Sale
All prices subject to confirmation and availability.

Information last updated 1st December 2008